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Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix is now integrated with the Walmart Marketplace.

"Walmart is one of the most important marketplaces to accept third-party sellers in the past few years. Nobody can ignore Walmart in their strategy. Our initial sellers on Walmart.com have received tremendous success with the Marketplace that reaches about 80 million unique visitors a month," noted Xudong Yan, the CEO of Teapplix, Inc.

Teapplix's software downloads Walmart.com orders and acknowledges them automatically to meet Walmart's guidelines. Users can then print shipping labels in bulk using Teapplix's integration with all major US parcel carriers.

Teapplix also synchronizes quantities remaining in stock back to the Walmart Marketplace, and exports orders into Quickbooks.

Teapplix can refer customers to obtain an invitation to sell on the Walmart Marketplace, providing Walmart's requirements are met.

Source: Teapplix

Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix has added support for Amazon's third-party marketplace in Japan.

Teapplix can now synchronize orders and inventory for Amazon Japan in the same way as its other supported Amazon marketplaces, which are:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico (through a unified North American account)
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Itlay
  • Spain
  • Japan

Amazon Japan have an English-language page for international sellers here.

Source: Teapplix

Ecommerce shipping tool and accounting connector Teapplix now supports invoices in QuickBooks.

Teapplix can now export orders as invoices, sales receipts, daily summary sales receipts, sales orders and daily summary sales orders.

The new invoice option is planned to be made available for QuickBooks Online in the next two weeks.

Source: Teapplix

Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix has added support for the Jet.com marketplace.

The new integration allows users to manage orders and inventory, and also submit listings.

Sellers with inventory already listed on other marketplaces can quickly launch their products in bulk onto Jet.com. Teapplix also automatically downloads Jet.com orders and uploads tracking numbers, handles returns, and controls inventory quantity and pricing.

Source: Teapplix

Shipping and accounting automation tool Teapplix has added support for Amazon's "Seller Fulfilled Prime" program, which allows third-party sellers who ship their own products to take part in Amazon Prime.

Teapplix supports the new Amazon "Buy Shipping" API so sellers can purchase shipping labels for Amazon orders directly in Teapplix, in bulk. Buying shipping labels from Amazon is required for participation in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Teapplix automatically recognizes Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, and allows those orders to be filtered automatically and moved into a separate queue for expedited handling.

Sellers that turn on the Buy Shipping API for their Amazon account will be able to bulk-print shipping labels using the same automated process. Teapplix supports all the carriers that Amazon provides today: USPS, UPS, FedEx and Stamps.com.

The Teapplix integration to the Amazon Buy Shipping API speeds up Amazon merchants' operations, and allow them to participate in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime while keeping the same automated workflow.

Source: Teapplix

Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix has released a new shipping rate feature called "SmartMethod".

Instead of manually checking rates or setting up complex rules, a special "Smart" shipping method can be set up with a configurable list of shipping services. Teapplix will then identify which service provides the lowest cost shipping option, and automatically select it. Shipping labels can be printed in bulk, with each being optimized independently.

The new feature, used correctly, can save shippers thousands of dollars per month.

Source: Teapplix

Marketplace and order management tool Teapplix has added support for the OpenCart shopping cart.

The support is in beta and includes both order sync and inventory sync.

Source: Teapplix

Inventory and shipping management tool Teapplix has added support for the deals marketplace Wish.com.

The integration, currently in beta, supports order and inventory synchronization.

Source: Teapplix

Marketplace management tool Teapplix has enhanced its support for sellers shipping products from multiple warehouses.

Teapplix's InventoryAdvisor module supports tracking quantities across multiple warehouses. Marketplace listings can also be tied to a specific warehouse, and synchronize stock levels just to that warehouse, making it easier to manage inventory held by dropship vendors, FBA, or in a specific country.

Source: Teapplix

Marketplace and order management solution Teapplix now supports automatic printing of USPS return labels along with normal USPS shipping labels.

The return shipping labels, printed via Endicia, are not pre-paid but instead are paid only when used by the buyer to return the order.

To use the feature, Teapplix users also need an Endicia account with the "Pay on Use" return feature enabled.

Source: Teapplix

Shipping and inventory management software Teapplix can now submit non-Amazon orders to Amazon FBA for fulfillment.

Using Fulfillment by Amazon to fulfill orders from other sources is called "Multi-Channel Fulfillment" (MCF) by Amazon. Teapplix users can now "Drop Ship" orders from any sales channel by sending them to Amazon FBA.

The new feature includes selection of the appropriate Amazon FBA shipping option, sending of orders to Amazon in bulk, and uploading tracking numbers to the source channel.

Source: Teapplix

Order management tool Teapplix ActionShip has improved its support for the X-Cart shopping cart, and other osCommerce-based carts.

Teapplix can synchronize inventory with X-Cart, download listings, and sync quantity updates back. They also support product options in XCart. The "classic" version 4 of X-Cart is supported, with X-Cart 5 support planned for later this year.

Teapplix has also changed the way orders are imported from other osCommerce-based carts including osCommerce, ZenCart and CRELoaded.

Source: Teapplix

Accounting connector Teapplix ActionConnect now supports the Point of Sale version of QuickBooks.

Teapplix can export orders as sales receipts or sales orders to POS, and users can map to items from marketplaces to POS items in Teapplix.

Source: Teapplix

Teapplix Shipping Automation now supports the popular Wordpress shopping cart WooCommerce.

The software can download orders from WooCommerce, and upload tracking numbers back. Teapplix's QuickBooks Connector can download WooCommerce orders and export the data to QuickBooks.

The integration does not import production information from WooCommerce, or push quantity updates to WooCommerce, but those features are planned for the future.

Source: Teapplix.

QuickBooks accounting integration tool Teapplix has added a summary export option for high volume sellers.

Sellers with more than two hundred orders per day may find that QuickBooks cannot handle exports of individual orders. Instead, the "daily summary" export creates a single order record for each marketplace and tax status.

Order lines for the same QuickBooks items are merged together, but others are kept separate, so inventory levels can still be adjusted correctly.

Source: New QuickBooks "Daily Summary" Export

Teapplix QuickBooks Connector has added support for inventory items created from a combination of other items – known as "kits".

QuickBooks has limited support for kits, requiring the quantity remaining to be manually calculated. Teapplix works around the limitation within its own inventory system, providing the ability to define kits and synchronize inventory to QuickBooks.

Shipping and accounts integration tool Teapplix has a new feature called MultiChannel Inventory in beta testing.

The new feature updates inventory levels on eBay and Amazon every 15 minutes, using either Teapplix or QuickBooks as the master database. Teapplix are not charging for MultiChannel Inventory during beta testing, and existing users can opt in by changing their subscription options.

* * * * *

Teapplix now supports adding multiple Amazon accounts in the same country. There is no longer a limit of one Amazon account per country.

Order management tool Teapplix Shipping Automation has added support for USPS Consolidator services that handle international shipping.

Labels are generated via Endicia and have no postage but are appropriate for consolidators such as Globegistics.

Order management tool Teapplix Shipping Automation can now import orders from Amazon UK, Canada, Italy, France, Germany and Spain in addition to Amazon.com.

Teapplix users can link one Amazon seller account for each supported country.

Order management tool Teapplix is beta testing support for Chinese carriers China Post ePacket and 4PX.

These services are ideal for sellers who ship from Hong Kong and China to the US and other destinations. Sellers who would like to participate in the beta should contact Teapplix support.

Order management system Teapplix has announced beta support for the Core Commerce shopping cart, and UPS's Surepost shipping service.

Interested users should contact Teapplix to participate.

Order management system Teapplix Shipping Automation can now be used to request fulfillment by Amazon's FBA service of orders placed through other channels.

This is done by generating a CSV file that is imported into the seller's Amazon account for shipping.

E-commerce solutions provider ChannelAdvisor now supports the Sears.com marketplace.

"Working with Sears certainly increases the value of our Marketplaces solution and provides yet another avenue for retailers to reach new sources of demand," said ChannelAdvisor Senior Product Manager Marc Sebes. "Sears.com is an incredibly large online mass merchant, and our retailers can now leverage the trusted brand name to reach millions of loyal Sears shoppers through its marketplace. By enhancing our support for Sears, we now offer a complete range of self-service to full-service integration options with support for all open Sears categories."

ChannelAdvisor joins a handful of solutions which support Sears including Zoovy and Teapplix Shipping Automation

Order management solution Teapplix Shipping Automation is now FedEx certified.

This means that users will be able to print FedEx shipping labels as a PDF directly from Teapplix without the need for separate software. Beta testing is currently under way.

The shipping automation solution from Teapplix now supports Overstock.com.

The support is provided by an import/export system. Overstock CSV order reports can be imported into Teapplix, and order history reports exported for upload back to Overstock.com.

Order management solution Teapplix Shipping Automation now supports shipping accounts from Stamps.com.

Teapplix customers with a Stamps.com account can batch print USPS shipping labels, including first class parcel and first class international, directly from a web browser without installing any software.

The new Stamps.com integration works with Teapplix’s own discount USPS program. Orders are routed to the best provider and the resulting labels assembled into a single PDF document ready to print.

Teapplix Shipping Automation now supports the Sears.com marketplace.

eCommerce software company Zoovy added support for the year-old Sears marketplace last month.

Teapplix's Shipping Automation software has added Volusion to its list of supported ecommerce systems.

Teapplix already supports bi-directional integration with eBay, Amazon, Buy.com, Volusion, Magento, ZenCart, osCommerce, CRELoaded, XCart, ChannelAdvisor and Infopia. One-way order downloads are supported from PayPal, AsecureCart, Yahoo Stores and Vendio.

Order management system IntelliShip is now available as an "SMApp" embedded within eBay's Selling Manager.

The Selling Manager version, called Teapplix TShip, works with USPS and UPS, can bulk print up to 2000 labels, and offers one-click returns.

eCommerce management solution Infopia is now integrated with order management application IntelliShip.

Infopia is also running a free webinar on Thursday, Sept 17 to help internet retailers kick start the 2009 holiday season with merchandising and strategic email campaigns. Register here.

Merchants using shipping automation tool Teapplix IntelliShip achieved $60M of gross merchandise sales in 2008, its first year of operation.

"Teapplix Intelliship has proven to be a disruptive shipping automation technology", said Xudong Yan, founder of Teapplix. "Being the only fully web-based shipping platform for online merchants, IntelliShip frees merchants from having to do shipping, customer service and order management from one central location. In addition, merchants no longer need to constantly patch their software and perform other time-consuming backups and network management functions."

There are lots of exciting additions to the directory this month, including four free tools and new Order Management applications Just Ship IT and IntelliShip. Order Management is a growing area - whilst the management of auctions up to the point of sale is well catered for, there are relatively few applications that manage the post-sales and shipping process specifically for eBay sellers.

  • AuctionSplash is a new free program for eBay buyers and sellers worldwide, developed by a UK company. Free picture hosting is included.
  • AuctionTrax.com is a free auction monitoring service, with a countdown timer for the last two minutes of each auction.
  • Ebaypix is a flat-rate image hosting service at £3.99 per month
  • Get4It provides free analysis of eBay auctions that ended in the last 30 days
  • Just Ship IT is a order management application for eBay.co.uk sellers
  • EZ Auction Ad is a new auction ad designer and lister
  • Supreme Auction is a free auction ad designer and lister from a German company. New features and improved support for the English-language version are coming in the summer.
  • IntelliShip is an order management application with monthly and licensed pricing options
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