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Auction Auto Bidder Online is a web based version of the Auction Auto Bidder PC software. This version allows bids to be placed when your computer is
Desktop tracking and sniping tool. Supports bid groups, conditional bids, multiple eBay IDs, and mass-importing of auctions. Internet Explorer and Fir
Auction Sniper bids for you in the last seconds of an eBay auction. Android phone app available.
BAM Seeker is an eBay sniper and deal finder. Deal finding features include scanning for newly listed Buy It Now listings and auctions that are about
Online sniping service. Bidnapper sends email alerts when you have been outbid, and includes auction searching, watching and management. There are a v
Functional and free open-source sniping program
Last-second bidding service with three-second lead time option. Places simultaneous bids from two locations.
eSnipe places bids for you during the last few seconds of an auction. FireFox extension available.
Sniper with support for bid groups. Login uses eBay username and password - registration with Gixen is not required.
Free sniping tool from UK-based Goofbid (formerly Goofbay).
Bidding, sniping, and tracking software. Includes a "multisniping" feature (also known as bid groups), which allows you to set up a group of snipes wh
A collection of useful eBay tools, including sniping, bidding database, feedback, searching and email tools.
Free eBay sniper with bid groups support, and unlimited simultaneous snipes. Available as Windows software, Firefox add-on, Chrome extension and iPhon

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