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When sellers think of eBay software, they often think of tools that allow them to list items quicker or help manage their inventory. But when the co-founder of 3Dsellers, Alex Flom, started selling medical equipment on eBay ten years ago, he realized there was another problem.

Sellers were neglecting the marketing and promotional side of their businesses. This was a big deal. By promoting their existing products better, they could make more sales without having to offer any more products.

So, to help grow his business, Alex had developed a number of unique eBay tools. He soon made them available as eBay apps so other sellers could benefit from using them. The first was a very popular tool that added a share button to eBay listings – before eBay created their own sharing buttons.

In the eight years since then, 3Dsellers have continued to build innovative tools exclusively for eBay sellers. These have been amazingly popular, with over 200,000 eBay sellers using their tools to date. What’s more, their tools are no longer just eBay apps. Instead, they have all been upgraded and are now available on one dashboard for the first time.

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3Dsellers’ eBay tools

Feedback Reminder

Alex Flom (center) and the 3Dsellers team

The primary function of the Feedback Reminder tool is to raise total feedback. This is really important, as sellers need to maintain high feedback scores, not only to build trust with buyers, but to maintain and improve their eBay search ranking.

Feedback Reminder is the only feedback tool to send messages through eBay’s built-in buyer-seller messaging system.

These messages are automated and you can choose when you want them to be sent. It could be after the item has been paid for, after it’s been shipped, or when the order has arrived. The automation can also be customized based on whether it’s from a domestic or international customer.

Feedback Reminder is a very popular tool, used by over 10,000 eBay sellers. It has a great success rate, with almost 40% of the reminders prompting buyers to leave feedback.

The tool was recently upgraded with additional features including feedback alerts and automatic feedback to buyers.

Listing Designer

With the Listing Designer, eBay sellers can create professional looking listings without any experience in coding or design. You simply choose a template, select which sections you want on your listing, and choose a color scheme and font. When it’s done, you can push it out to all your existing listings in one click. Listing Designer can also be set to automatically apply the design to future listings.

The templates are designed to keep the buyer browsing your products for as long as possible, without viewing other sellers’ listings. This is achieved by including multiple cross promotion sections showcasing related products, your current offers, and other categories you sell in.

All of the listing templates are mobile-optimized and fully compliant with eBay’s Active Content policy.

eBay Email Marketing

This tool is all about turning customers into repeat buyers by cross promoting other products they might like. These emails are easy to create: you simply choose a template then customize it as much as you wish.

3Dsellers’ algorithms automatically add related products to the emails, based on the item that the buyer purchased. There is also the ability to cross-promote related categories, accessories and store items. You can also design special emails to showcase sales or discount events.

Sellers can use dynamic values to add order information into the email. By providing useful information to the buyer, and making it easy for them to contact you about any problems with their order, you can protect your reputation as well as making more sales.

There is an option to set a reply-to email so any replies come directly to your email account. Finally, you can add social links to give buyers another way to keep up to date with your latest products.

Video Maker

The 3Dsellers Video Maker allows you to create professional-looking promotional videos in three steps. You start by choosing a template, then fill it with your content, such as product images and customer feedback. When you have added your content, you can create the video and use it in your marketing efforts.

The templates are all fully customizable, so it doesn’t matter whether you want to showcase your product catalog, promote a single product, or advertise a sale, you can create a suitable video.

The big benefit of the video maker, is that eBay sellers can create slick promotional videos without needing any editing skills. Sellers will often share them on Facebook and Twitter or embed them in their eBay listings (the Listing Designer supports video). The videos can also be saved as GIFs to include in email newsletters.

PDF Catalog

With this tool, you can create a catalog to showcase your products. You simply go into the tool, choose a template, and automatically import all of your existing eBay listings. Once the import has finished, sellers can edit the titles and descriptions, sort the listings by price if they wish, then export the finished catalog as a PDF file.

The PDF can then be used as a promotional tool both online and offline. If you send it to customers by email, they can click on items in the catalog and be directed straight to eBay. If you are going to an event, you can print it off and show your inventory to potential customers without needing a computer or Wi-Fi connection.

Facebook Store

The Facebook Store tool allows you to export your eBay listings to a Facebook business page in just one click. Again, you just have to pick a template, which you can match to the branding of your eBay listings.

You choose the order that your products are displayed in, for example by showing the cheapest, most popular or most recently added products first. Your Facebook store is then automatically synced with your eBay store, so whenever a product is added or removed, this change will show on Facebook. You can share products with relevant Facebook groups directly from your Facebook page.

The big advantage to having your eBay listings on Facebook is that buyers aren’t distracted by other sellers. For brands that have a big social following, this is ideal. Their followers can browse all their products and, when they want to make a purchase, they are taken straight to the eBay listing. It also attracts customers who don’t normally use eBay.

All under one dashboard

All the tools are available under one login on the 3Dsellers site. It’s free to sign up, and use their eBay email marketing tool, a basic version of the PDF Catalog, and the Listing Designer for up to 30 listings.

Most sellers start with the eBay email marketing tool or Feedback Reminder, because they can be set up very quickly, without the need to change listings or create any new content. They also give instant results with increased positive feedback and repeat sales. Typically, sellers then move on to the tools that require a little more strategic thinking.


The paid plan gives access to the full version of all the tools, and is priced between $9.99 and $69.99 per month. To start a paid plan, you first create a Free account, then 3Dsellers calculate your monthly rate based on the number of active listings you have.

It is worth noting that 3Dsellers also have an eBay Store Designer tool. This will soon be retired as custom eBay store designs are being phased out. However, sellers will be allowed to keep their custom designs for at least one more year, so there is still time to set one up and stand out from other sellers.

What’s next for 3Dsellers?

eBay is always changing, with policy updates, new features and their overall shift towards being a product-driven marketplace. 3Dsellers will continue to release new tools to help sellers cope with all of the changes coming over the next year.

3Dsellers will also be offering some of their current tools to Amazon sellers. This doesn’t mean that they are shifting their focus from eBay, as they won’t be creating new tools exclusively for Amazon sellers. Their aim is just to provide existing users with a single suite of tools that they can use on both marketplaces.

What is 3Dsellers all about? Smart marketing, innovative tools, and growing your eBay business by making the most of every product, every listing and every order you have.

Try 3Dsellers’ all-in-one eBay selling manager for free!

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