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A2X Accounting automatically imports Amazon settlement files, and generates a summary of income received and expenses charged in Xero or QuickBooks.

A2X can summarize sales by SKU or product type, and country. Users can select the accounts and tax rates that apply to each type of income or expense.

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Re: Accounting Software for Amazon Reatailers ?

@Kshitij Jain Have you tried A2X Accounting? more




Access Via Web Based / SaaS
Accounting QuickBooks, Xero
Amazon Sites Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Amazon.com.au, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr, Amazon.in, Amazon.it


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Re: Accounting Software for Amazon Reatailers ?

@Kshitij Jain Have you tried A2X Accounting? more
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ExportX International (no other listings)

The Supplier Says

Import Amazon Transactions to Xero, Simply

International Support

We work with Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr and Amazon.jp.

Additional marketplaces coming very soon.

Automated Accounting

A2X can automatically fetch your latest settlement files, and post the invoices to Xero for your approval.

Reconcile Amazon payments to invoices directly in Xero.

Built by experts

We're Amazon merchants, and we're software engineers. We built this tool for ourselves, we use it every month.

Now you can use it too, no more Excel! From the supplier's website
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Updated 24 Aug 2018.

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