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AD.JUST helps online retailers make their Amazon listings stand out with product videos.

AD.JUST's ecommerce video production process for large product catalogs is available from $249 per video. Videos are shot in a white background studio on Red cameras with a male or female host.

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Pricing per video is based on quantity:

20 videos - $349 per video
40 videos - $299 per video
80 videos - $279 per video
160 videos - $249 per video


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The Supplier Says

E-commerce product video production for Amazon/ EBay listings

Along with the essential professional product images, good description and buyers’ reviews, product videos can provide a better understanding of the size, range, and functionality of your product that can lead to a faster, safer, and less doubtful buyer's decision. Product video explainers are the best additional tool to boost your product sales nowadays and yet not many resellers are using it. Along with a natural sales increasing demo videos that can help you to stand out from competitors.

We can provide the whole product catalog with modern and professional product videos in the fastest manner. Video productions are expansive, long and exhausting so we come up with an e-commerce video mass production formula that can deliver 160 videos per month at the price starting as low as $249 per video. All videos will be shot in a studio in the same style and have a talent to narrate and demonstrate your product features. The whole process is greatly simplified for the business owners so you don’t have to spend much time on it or hire extra staff to get it done.

To see how easy and fast that can be done, check our method here as well as video sample and easy pricing.

We operate 2 studios: Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL. In case you have a vast product catalog but our locations are not convenient for you to ship the products, we can recreate a mobile studio in your city to reduce your shipping cost almost to zero.
Adjust Video Production, 31 January 2018
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Updated 15 Feb 2019.
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