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Sellers can get instant notifications by text message (SMS) when their items sell, receive bids, best offers, questions from buyers, and feedback, and much more. Seller's listings are automatically monitored.

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ahTEXT - The Company

ahTXT is actually owned and operated by eBay PowerSellers. The service was born out of necessity, because the sellers were either on the road, traveling, or working where a connection was not always available. Answering buyers questions promptly is always a concern for a serious eBay seller, and the only way to do this was to either be online at the time the question was being asked, or to be notified.. and that was one of the reasons behind developing ahTEXT.

ahTEXT also serves the purpose of saving the seller time. No longer was the need for endless browser "reloads" or refreshing the e-mail in box, waiting for sales notifications. ahTEXT sends real-time sales notifications, as they happen. You will be surprised how much time you'll actually save, but moreover, how much for ahTEXT will inject in the middle of your day when you discovered you've just sold an item. ah! TXT, 26 October 2009

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