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The Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool is a free tool from SellerPrime.

It provides detailed reports on single ASINs including daily sales estimates, potential FBA costs and profit, listing quality and opportunities for improvement, keywords used, suggested keywords and trending keywords, keyword ranking and trends, PPC costs, Buy Box price for used and new items, available sourcing options and pricing, and a list of competing products.

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Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool is free


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Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool

Amazon ASIN look-up is a free all-in-one tool to provide Amazon Sellers with the business intelligence required to boost the success of their Amazon product. The free Amazon ASIN look-up tool addresses all the areas a seller has to check to make his product top selling. The extremely user-friendly tool saves money, time, and the effort spent in analyzing and optimising each part of the product listing using many different platforms and tools.

With an input of only the product’s ASIN, Amazon-look up tool generates a detailed and comprehensive report that answers all the questions a seller should understand to get great sales

1. What are the daily sales and revenue estimates that the product could
2. The profit potential and the FBA cost analysis for the product
3. Buybox trends - Buybox pricing of products that currently have the
4. Listing quality report of the product and improvement suggestions that
could be made for a better listing
5. A huge list of high converting Amazon Buyer Keywords that are relevant
to the product
6. Amazon auto suggested keywords and trending keywords with good
search volume and less competition that can be used for the product.
7. Keyword ranking and indexing for the keywords of the product.
8. Keyword analysis of the main keywords used on the basis of CPC, no. of
indexed products and the search volume.
9. PPC management for keyword bidding and to optimise PPC campaigns 10. Detailed sourcing options for the searched ASIN product
11. List of direct competitors, their listing quality and their daily sales
estimate and reverse keyword lookup of competitor products

Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool provides the most relevant and precise information for the particular input ASIN and displays the data in your browser along with an exportable pdf file you can download. SellerPrime, 4 October 2017
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Updated 19 Dec 2017.

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