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Professional, great advice

Great experience with CJ and his team. They are very professional, knowledgable and great response time. They helped me with my question and even helped me realize I did not need them at this time, but directed me how to save money by doing it myself! They also helped me know the steps and told ... more

Subject matter experts, gave 5 star advice!

I give a full 5 star recommendation to Amazon Seller's Lawyer. They were experts on the subject matter and answered all my questions and really helped me navigate the legal landscape with regards to my Amazon seller account. I was able to speak with someone immediately when I called - they alwa... more

Attorney Review

As an attorney who works with Amazon sellers, I highly recommend Amazon Sellers Lawyers. For Sellers encountering major issues, this should be your first choice. CJ has a great team. They are very responsive and knowledgeable. Initial consultations are free. This review is based on my expe... more

Great Lawyer Team to Deal wtih

These guys are awesome from Brett to CJ Rosenbaum. I spoke to Brett first then was able to connect with CJ, in my situation he could not help me as I needed something else in my current situation but he referred me to great Accountant how can help my with my current situation and to WA Attorney as... more

CJ Rosenbaum is fantastic. Highly recommended.

We had a consultation with CJ regarding Amazon Seller issues. CJ was incredibly generous with his time. He also provided us with the certainty we needed for key business decisions. We had some questions regarding Amazon suspension and related info. I really liked the fact that CJ didn't beat aroun... more

Professional presentation and great depth of knowledge

CJ, is a well spoken and through in his presentation of common seller problems. Specific knowledge and expertise makes Amazon Sellers Lawyer the best place to get accurate and timely information to get your business back up and running. if you need to turn to someone in a time of c... more

The best amazon lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum the king of amazon seller lawyer I got CJ's number from a friend Called him up talked with him on the phone for a long time Never talked to him before was really nice to me didn't charged anything Gave the best advice passable for FREE NO charge Then called back ta... more

Knowledgable and helpful

Great guy. Very understanding and helpful throughout the call. Very knowledgable on the Amazon industry. Calm my doubts about my issue. I would go to these guys if you have any issues with in their realm of expertise as I am sure that they can handle any of your issues like they did mine. CJ wa... more

CJ is the man. Go with these guys.

CJ took our call...spend 45 minutes with me, answered ALL my questions, AND did it without charging a dime. The head of a law firm of 22 people takes an initial consult and doesn't charge you for it? This is customer service and care. Decided to use them as our attorneys. CJ took our call...... more

Amazing results!

Amazing results! I had my account suspended by Amazon for a year, during that year I tried everything, I sent several emails to Amazon Performance Team with no luck until I found Amazon Sellers Lawyers and in less than a month Vincent Famularo got my Account back! I highly recommend Vincent, he is... more

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Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a law firm that provides a licensed attorney to address Amazon suspensions from a legal perspective.

The process begins with an investigation of seller performance, customer metrics and alleged policy violations that caused the suspension, which are then analyzed to develop a plan of action.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (52 reviews)

CJ was excellent in helping us craft a solid plan of action

CJ was excellent in helping us craft a solid plan of action for Amazon, I highly recommend him and his team if you're ... more

Super Helpful Service from this Firm

Super Helpful Service from this Firm What was good about this product or service overall? I emailed when we were havi... more

Recommended 10 stars of 5 :)

I contacted Amazon Sellers Lawyer about a frustrating email received from Amazon about an issue with one of my listing... more


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The Supplier Says

C.J. Rosenbaum is the go-to Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

CJ has the education, experience, and legal resources needed to defend a client against Amazon policies. He also provides a crucial X-factor that non-lawyers cannot offer:

* 100% Confidentiality
* CJ has the legal education, license and expertise to defend amazon sellers
* CJ cannot reveal any records, communication or information you provide
* CJ protects sellers and permits 100% honesty with the attorney client privilege
* CJ has the ability to use the law to persuade buyers to withdraw complaints
* CJ can use the law to seek lost profit and retribution for business interruptions From the supplier's website
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Updated 4 May 2018.

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