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Knowledgable and helpful

Great guy. Very understanding and helpful throughout the call. Very knowledgable on the Amazon industry. Calm my doubts about my issue. I would go to these guys if you have any issues with in their realm of expertise as I am sure that they can handle any of your issues like they did mine. CJ wa... more

CJ is the man. Go with these guys.

CJ took our call...spend 45 minutes with me, answered ALL my questions, AND did it without charging a dime. The head of a law firm of 22 people takes an initial consult and doesn't charge you for it? This is customer service and care. Decided to use them as our attorneys. CJ took our call...... more

Amazing results!

Amazing results! I had my account suspended by Amazon for a year, during that year I tried everything, I sent several emails to Amazon Performance Team with no luck until I found Amazon Sellers Lawyers and in less than a month Vincent Famularo got my Account back! I highly recommend Vincent, he is... more

I am happy that I called them.

I called the office and after a quick assessment of my case was transferred directly to CJ Rosenbaum himself. CJ answered all my questions and took the time to explain everything, without rushing it. I needed to bring one more piece of information the next day and once again I was transferred ve... more

Excellent service

I spoke to Brett Sondike on the phone and he was an extremely nice man. I didn't get charged anything as it was a free consultation. Brett was not pushy in any way and just provided some facts and how the process worked. I didn't go with the service yet because my Amazon account is very small i... more

Responsive and insightful. Highly recommend!

CJ and his firm were insightful, succinct and definitive in helping us craft a strategy and response to an Amazon issue we faced. They have the experience to give great, meaningful advice and perhaps most importantly were very responsive. No issues in terms of reaching or accessing CJ as we were g... more

Great and quick support

ASL has a great way to answer your requests. We ended up not using their services but they were extremely quick to answer our emails and had a lawyer available for european sellers. I hope to see them keep up the great work and they seemed to know exactly what was going on with our problem. They... more

Incredible service, cutt to the chase right from the start

In desperation I reached out to Brett (Director of Client Services at Amazon Sellers' Lawyer) 3 weeks into a suspension on one of my products. He was personable, knowledgeable and extremely helpful helping me decide whether to proceed - and all this was a free consultation. In this case I am plea... more

Passionate, knowledgable and reliable

I work with a large number of onlinesellers in the UK and abroad, and have introduced CJ and Gary to a number of them who feel like their livelihood has been removed from their control, between bogus complaints, hard to understand rules and other issues. They offer a great, professional servic... more

CJ Rosenbaum, A Great Find

Rarely do you find a qualified attorney who is wise enough to put people first before profit. I was pleasantly surprised to find such "old-fashioned" values when I connected with CJ Rosenbaum at Amazon Sellers Lawyer. With his experience, direct knowledge, and willingness to help Amazon sellers le... more

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Amazon Sellers Lawyer is a law firm that provides a licensed attorney to address Amazon suspensions from a legal perspective.

The process begins with an investigation of seller performance, customer metrics and alleged policy violations that caused the suspension, which are then analyzed to develop a plan of action.

Latest Reviews

Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (45 reviews)

Highly impressed! Professional, responsive and responsible

I work for Private Equity Fund and our office is based in Kiev, Ukraine. I was looking for a lawyer consultation regar... more

great help, very productive

I called CJ for some advice on a persistant and unsolvable problem we were having on Seller Central. He had some grea... more

This is a Great Law Firm. I spoke with Bret,

This is a Great Law Firm. I spoke with Bret, who was most courteous and helpful. In addition, he put me on the right t... more


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The Supplier Says

C.J. Rosenbaum is the go-to Amazon Sellers Lawyer.

CJ has the education, experience, and legal resources needed to defend a client against Amazon policies. He also provides a crucial X-factor that non-lawyers cannot offer:

* 100% Confidentiality
* CJ has the legal education, license and expertise to defend amazon sellers
* CJ cannot reveal any records, communication or information you provide
* CJ protects sellers and permits 100% honesty with the attorney client privilege
* CJ has the ability to use the law to persuade buyers to withdraw complaints
* CJ can use the law to seek lost profit and retribution for business interruptions From the supplier's website
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Updated 2 May 2017.

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