AmazVol is an Amazon keyword research and analysis tool. It helps sellers find the most profitable search terms used by shoppers on Amazon.

Users can view keyword suggestions with estimated search volumes to help them select back-end keywords and PPC advertising terms.

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Amazon Keyword Search Volume

What are merchant words and why do you need AmazVol to be your assistant? It is a database of keywords that buyers use on Amazon to search for this or that product. To keep up with market we use special algorithms that analyze the customer’s search and bring out the most accurate results. In fact, the tool is aimed to help you easily understand what the customers are searching on Amazon. The leader of the industry AmazVol is a unique platform for keyword search and market research. A group of professionals managed to work together and create a fully functioning platform. The role of AmazVol is to take you to the top. It is a real time Amazon search volume tool that analyzes and tracks thousands of keywords and brings out the results. At the same time market research feature allows analyzing Amazon searches and spots trends. Asinkey, 15 November 2018
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Updated 22 Nov 2018.
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