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American eBox provides ecommerce logistics for Amazon sellers and multichannel merchants.

The Amazon International Returns service includes: removal order processing, RMA scans, return grading, re-labeling and re-packaging for FBA, consolidation and economy shipping by air or sea.

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Simplified e-commerce returns management for international sellers

We understand the challenges international merchants face when managing returns in a foreign market. It is imperative to understand if the customer returned the correct item, the correct quantity, and you need to understand the condition of the product to determine if a refund is warranted.

You need a solution that will receive your returns, regardless of the size of the product, or the volume of the returns. No matter if its 1 unit or 100,000 you need a solution partner capable of matching your sales as you scale.

You need a returns management solution that can ship when you need the inventory shipped. You need to have control and self-manage your inventory. You need a solution partner that can consolidate your inventory into the most cost effective shipment and send it in the most cost-effective manner, whether air freight, ocean freight, LTL over the road, rail, inter-modal, courier or any combination of these.

The bottom line is this. American eBox solves problems. Sign up, its Free! American eBox, 30 April 2019
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Updated 6 May 2019.

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