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Amz Mail Finder collects email addresses for Amazon buyers who have reviewed specific products, from their reviewer profile pages on the site.

A per-email fee is charged, with a minimum order level.

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From 25 cents to 40 cents per email extracted. Minimum order of $10.


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Get buyer's mail for 25 cents - Extremely Targetted Audience Building & Product Launch Technique

Did you know some reviewers actually leave their email on their profile? Have you asked yourself why would someone leave an email on their profile if they aren't interested in people reaching out to them. The question is are you a person just like everyone else or are you a giant company with thousands to spend launching new product? If you're just a regular joe looking for a friend to help out launching new product why not reach out to people who love the product you sell? With Amzmailfinder we do that for you, we get you the emails of people who've bought those kind of products you are launching so you don't have to. We only gather the mails from amazon profiles that allows us to reach out to them. Get more information on amzmailfinder Amazon Mail Finder, 22 September 2017
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