amzcontrol is a profitability analytics and stock management software for Amazon sellers, providing a live view of profit and sending restock alerts.

amzcontrol tracks all expenses, including FBA storage fees, refund processing costs, PPC costs, promotions, fix costs like a prep center, etc. providing an overview of the complete financial situation.

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Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites,,,,,,


Trial: 1 month

StandardUp to 3000 orders per month $19 per month
ProfessionalUp to 6000 orders per month $29 per month
EnterpriseUnlimited orders $39 per month


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The Supplier Says

Most exact profit analytics software for amazon sellers on the market

Your amazon business profitability dashboard
LIVE view, including ALL spendings

Free trial, cancel any time

Track your amazon sales and profitability, ROI, LIVE in REAL TIME
- amzcontrol takes ALL costs into account: product and shipping costs, refer fees, FBA fees, promotion costs, costs of returns, ad spend, taxes
- Which products have you sold today? What part of the sales account to promotions? How many returns per product? What's today's PROFIT so far?
- What's the ROI?

Analyze sales over the last week, month or year
- See exactly how much profit you made by product, including all fees, spendings and taxes
- Monthly profit projections based on current sales levels
- What's the ROI per product?

Visualized perfectly
- Mobile friendly dashboard
- Easy to read charts and tables
- Filters amzcontrol, 6 December 2017
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Updated 9 Dec 2017.

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