ArtFire is a marketplace for handmade, artisan and vintage products, as well as craft supplies.

Each seller on ArtFire has their own listing. They also have the option to customize their store, by featuring products, including a bio about their business or adding blog articles.

ArtFire offers a number of tools to help sellers, including a bulk editing feature, options for creating sales, and a remote checkout widget which can be added to the seller's blog or website.

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Re: Are you trying any different marketplaces?

...look closely at Rakuten, Dawanda and Artfire, as each one has his established... more


United States


Listing Fees There are only listing fees with the standard shop plan. On this plan the fee is $0.23 per listing.
Sales Commission Standard Shop - 9%
Popular Shop - 3%
Featured Shop - 3%
Payment Fees Third-party payment methods are used, and fees apply.
ArtFire has three pricing plans:
Standard Shop - $4.95
Popular Shop - $20
Featured Shop - $40


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Re: Are you trying any different marketplaces?

...look closely at Rakuten, Dawanda and Artfire, as each one has his established... more
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Make Market Sell

Show millions of online shoppers what you’re made of! We take the hassle out of selling online so that you can spend more time creating and running your business. Open your shop in minutes!
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Updated 26 Apr 2019.

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