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Atlas Leads is an online arbitrage list service, with four list types currently available. Leads are vetted by an experienced Amazon seller and must adhere to strict requirements.

The data for each product is listed in spreadsheet format, with extra details such as known coupon codes, discounts, and suggestions included.

Membership is limited to 35 clients/list.

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Ungated LeadsThese leads are ungated for new sellers and limited to 35 clients. They include products from any category. $139/month
Replenishable LeadsThese leads are a mix of ungated and gated products and limited to 35 clients. They primarily include grocery, topical, beauty, and cleaning products. $139/month
Toys & Games LeadsThese leads are a mix of ungated and gated products and limited to 35 clients. They include all brands in the toys and games category. $115/month
Gated LeadsThese leads are gated for experienced sellers and limited to 35 clients. They include low-competition products from all categories. $115/month


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The Supplier Says

Atlas Leads Saves Your FBA Business Time:

No entrepreneur wants to start a side-hustle only to have it become a bigger grind than their full-time job...

Atlas Leads is an online arbitrage list service - doing all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Our team gives you the opportunity to relieve yourself from the time-consuming (and frustrating) chore of product sourcing for your Amazon FBA business while at the same time being more cost effective than doing it yourself.


It's a pretty simple (but effective) 3-step technique called the Atlas Approach:

With nearly a decade of experience OA sourcing, our team searches 500+ online stores 24/7 to find you the absolute best opportunities to make money with today.

Those leads are vetted by an expert Amazon seller who ensures, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that the profits are consistent, the sales are flowing, and the opportunity is stable.

After they pass our strict system of checks and balances, a minimum of 10 leads get delivered directly to you every day, Monday - Friday.

All you have to do is order them - all while never talking to anyone or sourcing a single product yourself.

Here's some more info on our minimum requirements:

$3 Profit Per Unit Minimum
20% ROI Minimum
Top 1% Best Sellers
Max of 35 Seats

Besides getting leads delivered to you every weekday, you'll also get access to Atlas's 6-part video course about online arbitrage, 25% off our partnered FBA prepper's services, and unlimited support from our team on top of that.

That means you'll be able to feel confident in your purchasing decisions after going through our educational program, you'll be able to save money with a prepper, and you'll have us in your corner to answer any questions. Atlas, 10 May 2019
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Updated 10 Jul 2019.

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