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Really good for Mac

I have used this sniping program for a few weeks now, and it works perfectly on my Mac. I also love that it allows me to change my mind on bids, because it bids in the last few seconds, so I can back out of an auction without a problem. The interface is easy to use, it shows pictures, descriptions... more

AABO Now you can bid and not have your computer running!

Auction Auto Bidder Online is a great stand alone or supplement program to use. You can set your bid one night go to work the next day and forget about worrying if your computer is going to stay online and not get kicked off. It will bid for you where ever you are. This program will save you big m... more

So far no problems at all, works very well!

'am using this while problems with my computer/software are worked out. It seems to work very well for for my purposes where I don't currently have a computer set up that works reliably for me. If such a program fits your needs I would highly recommend this one. I've had contact with tech s... more

Its Simply Fantastic

This programme has saved me sooo much time, I'm in business on ebay and is the best tool around, online version is best as your PC can be switched off too. Has pricing policy to suit all too. more

a great pgm for the keen ebayer

have had the pgm for some time now and find this version extremely handy when unable to be around to monitor my bids. this for me is a real asset and have been successful where previously i had no hope of winning. it syncs well with the pc version and is user friendly more


hi i have had the computor version for along time but my dsl was going off line all the time and i would lose tthe bids because of my dsl. now shara has the online version it never misses i don't have to worry about my dsl going off line or my computor going to sleep. you need to try it ... more

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Auction Auto Bidder Online is a web based version of the Auction Auto Bidder PC software. This version allows bids to be placed when your computer is off and allows you to access your bids from any computer or device with a web browser.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (16 reviews)

Auto Bidder is better than ever

I have been using Auto Bidder sense it was started many years ago, I was one of the first users and have won 1000's of... more

the best and most accurate bid sniper i have ever used

i have used three or four different bid sniping programs , and found nagging problems with all of them.just did not bi... more

Best auction bidder I have ever used.

Auction Auto Bidder is the best auction bidding program I have ever used. I have used it for several years and I win a... more


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
eBay Sites All
Payment PayPal


Trial: 10 day trial

0.5% - 1% of winning bids OR $8 per month/$50 per year for unlimited use


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Auction Auto Bidder Online

Auction Auto Bidder Online is a web based version of the Auction Auto Bidder PC software. This Online version allows your bids to be placed even if your computer is off and allows you to access your bids from any computer or device with a web browser. You can even setup your snipes from your cell phone! An encrypted SSL connection is used to keep your username and password secure, passwords are always kept encrypted to ensure ultimate security. Auction Auto Bidder, 13 September 2011
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Updated 28 May 2017.