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eBay / Google Maps mashup allowing eBay search results to be displayed on a map.

Interactive gallery of item photos, international support.

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Searching eBay by pictures and maps

Finding the right item in eBay can sometimes be difficult since there are so many listings in the marketplace: Duplicates, "red herrings" and items that are not of interest appear in almost every search.

Auction Search Kit (A-S-K) greatly eases these problems. It simplifies the search process by displaying all item photos in a resizable interactive gallery, removing duplicates and displaying item locations on a map (powered by Google Maps).

A-S-K retains many of the powerful features of eBay such as advanced searches and international support. It can also be linked to directly from eBay search results using a bookmarklet, Firefox Extension or simply by typing "" into the browser's address bar just before the search results URL. Auction Search Kit, 16 April 2008
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