Free website which searches eBay for typing and spelling errors, based on a single search word.

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Auction Lotwatch are pleased to introduce

How is it that identical items can fetch such widely differing prices on eBay? Sometimes it is a matter of timing, or just luck - especially for things for which there are not many buyers. Quite a bit, however, has to do with the quality of the Item Title & Description. Buyers for instance may search for a "monitor" but would not find the several auction lots where the item is titled "moniter" or "monitro". With millions of lots added to eBay daily misspellings can provide real bargains for the determined eBay hunter.

Of course the money saved by finding bargains could be offset if you have to spend hours searching for misspellings. That's where Auction Speller comes in - we do the hard work so you don't have to!! This Free service will check for the most common misspellings and typos and bring you back the results instantly.

As well as finding bargains, it is fun and quite addictive - so why not give it a try!! From the supplier's website
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