Sends a customisable "Thank you for your bid" email to each new bidder, with an opt-in link so bidders can join the seller's mailing list.

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The Supplier Says - Builds your eBay Buyer Relationship from their very first bid

Why wait until your eBay auctions end to start your customer relationships?

You can start to build that relationship right now, by sending a customised email to every auction bidder

Automatically send a customised email to each bidder on your auctions

Comply with eBay policy, email addresses are not stored unless bidders opt-in to your mailing list

Create those customised emails with a an easy WYSIWYG email template maker

Cross promote by an automaticaly included link to your other eBay items

Remind bidders about combined shipping discounts for multiple purchases

Create an opt-in mailing list to send out regular newsletters or sales promotions

Premium members can create, save and send promotional and informational emails

Premium members can filter by event their email list to create targetted promotions and offers

Premium membership starts at US$5.99 only, per month, basic membership is FREE, 29 April 2007
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