Counts down items watched in My eBay so the user can place bids manually in the last seconds of the auction.

Includes misspelling search, and advanced search by keyword and category.

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Bidding, searching and last second bidding has never been easier!

How it works :

Using eBay's secure 'login token' AuctionTrax gathers the users watched items and presents them in a simple view format. The buyer then selects (via a check box) one, some or all of their watched items they wish to place a bid on, proceed to their list of selected auctions, enter their high (proxy) bid value for each, preview and submit. They have now placed bids on multiple auctions from a simple, easy to use interface, no more switching from eBay page to eBay page.

Last second bidding (Sniping):

By providing a dynamic countdown timer, synchronised to eBay time, users can enter their bid value for a selected auction, watch and wait till the last seconds (countdown starts at 120 seconds remaining) and submit at any time until zero seconds left, recommended minimum time is 10 seconds left. No further need to use multiple browser windows open, stopwatches, guess the time left etc, it is all done via a simple one page screen with one click.

(Note: Scheduled Bid placing is not an Auctiontrax function, users cannot select a time to place bids automatically)

Searching with Auctiontrax:

Apart from a popular Incorrect Spelling title search, Auctiontrax provides an Advanced Search where users can not only search for particular Keywords and exclude particular Keywords from those search results, they can select an individual (sub) category to only search in. If a buyer wanted to search for : Rolling Stone, exclude the word magazine (we auto include plurals) and only search in :
Collectibles Photographic Images Contemporary (1940-Now) Celebrity Music,

They can, by simply browsing the available category list and selecting that individual category. All performed from a simple, easy to use web interface.

Of course, auctiontrax makes it easy for users by including a check box alongside each search result, that check box, when checked, will add that auction to your eBay watched items list, making it easy to select and bid at a later stage, 19 February 2007
Thompson & Holt