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Innovative software that analyzes eBay's Want It Now section to find ideas for in-demand products.

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Unique eBay Research Software

Have you ever wondered what eBay buyers REALLY want? Yes? ... Well, I came up with this really cool software tool which finds out exactly that! Plus, the data is extracted from the BEST POSSIBLE place imaginable! == the eBay Want It Now section.

Want It Now lets eBay buyers post requests for hard-to-find items and allows sellers to respond to those requests with eBay listings. There are several thousand posts everyday from hungry buyers looking for the stuff they REALLY want to buy!

So how does this unique software work?

It simply collects the Want It Now data from the desired eBay web site, then analyzes the posts finding how frequent certain word combinations occur. Additionally, the total number of responses corresponding to the word combinations are extracted.

More importantly, the number of occurrences and the number of responses are used to determine the 'Yen Factor' of the word combination revealing a possible product idea or niche area. From the supplier's website
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