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AZ Gizmo

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3 months later

3 months later, and we are still avid users of this scouting software. To a large extend due to their support and attention to details. We have started evaluating a new category, but the tool kept failing us there. An email to their support staff, and a week later we are in business. Thank you... more

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AZ Gizmo is a suite of tools for Amazon sellers.

Opportunity Gizmo is a Chrome extension which gathers pricing, ranking, estimated sales, estimated revenue, product dimensions, Buy Box ownership and more from Amazon product pages and search result pages.

Imperative Gizmo is a product tracker that helps Amazon sellers make better decisions, relying on trends rather than single data points.

Mobile Gizmo is a free powerful research assistant for mobile devices.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (1 review)

3 months later

3 months later, and we are still avid users of this scouting software. To a large extend due to their support and att... more




Access Via Android App, Chrome Extension, iOS App, Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites,


Trial: 7 Days for Opportunity Gizmo

Opportunity Gizmo - Chrome ExtensionPricing, ranking, estimated sales and revenue data, FBA fees, number of reviews, Buy Box ownership. Lite is free
Pro is $49
Imperative Gizmo - Product TrackerReal-time reports and Amazon updates on sales rank, price, number and types of sellers. Sales estimates based on cost. Free in beta
Mobile GizmoFind products in the Amazon catalog and get sales rank and pricing data. Free
Visit the pricing page for the full price and feature list.


Product Sourcing » Market Research


HiTech Service (no other listings)

The Supplier Says

AZ Gizmo is your destination for powerful utilities for Amazon sellers.

These utilities have been designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate many flavors of e-commerce — from white labeling to retail arbitrage.

AZ Gizmo was born as a collaboration between a prominent software development company and established Amazon sellers.

With AZ Gizmos it is easy to manage and analyze your data. Our products feature modern user–friendly interface with filtering capabilities.

Our products reflect recognition that a successful high–volume FBA business needs specialized tools. We “eat our own dog food” and constantly improve to keep up with Amazon changes. Yet we also pledge to listen to you — our customer — for ideas on how to make the product better.

Note, that all products currently work with Amazon US Market only (Opportunity Gizmo works with &, but we are committed to expand our reach shortly.

What do I get using AZ Gizmo?

Amazon Sales Rank information
Retrieve the Amazon Sales Rank which offers insight into which products get more visibility and are selling the most.

Product History
Chrome Extension offers 30 days history overview on pricing and rank changes, while Imperative Gizmo allows you to track products' rank and pricing indefinitely.

Estimated Sales and Revenue
Opportunity and Imperative Gizmo tools will show you estimated sales data based on our sophisticated formula.

Total Number of Sellers
How's the competition? See how many sellers are on a product listing.

Product reviews
See the number of product reviews on

FBA Fulfillment Fees
Find out FBA fulfillment information including the FBA tier level, order handling cost, pick & pack cost, weight handling cost, and total estimated FBA fee.

Unlimited Research sessions
Research unlimited number of products with Opportunity Gizmo as well as add them all into one list under the same session.

With Mobile Gizmo you are always ready when the opportunity strikes HiTech Service, 4 July 2017
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Updated 5 Jul 2017.

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