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BAM Tracker is software for eBay buyers who purchase a lot of items each month. It allows buyers to manage eBay purchases from the time the item is purchased until it is received, returned or cancelled.

BAM Tracker automatically synchronizes with eBay and PayPal, getting new orders and updates to existing orders every few minutes. It can send automatic messages to sellers and help identify the seller of items received.

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Access Via Windows Software
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Trial: 1 month

Free for up to 30 items per month, then approximately $20 per 200 items purchased. See pricing page for full details.


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Robert Moskal (1 other listing)

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BAM - Software for Serious eBay Buyers

Buyer Auction Manager provides the tools for eBay buyers, especially those who make a living purchasing on eBay or who supplement their income buying on eBay. Robert Moskal, 23 January 2015
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Updated 10 Aug 2018.
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