Description adds "Buy Now" links to social media status updates allowing immediate purchase with payment via PayPal.

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BuyNow button for Social Media platforms

So what is is a social media automation tool for retailers.

Through retailers are able to do the following

1. Add "BuyNow" function to your status. Allows your fans and followers to buy products, services, tickets and even Pizza's directly from the status.
2. If not selling then drive traffic back to your website.
3. Use Product info to create Statuses on the fly, leaving you to carry on with your day to day task.
4. Product statuses appears as Product Ads with "Title, Price, Image, Product URL" all included.
5. Create Facebook shop
6. Create Facebook Deals
7. Bulk uploaded your statuses for scheduling and more Faab Solutions, 18 July 2014
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Updated 24 Nov 2017.

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