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Notifies sellers of bidders with low, negative, or neutral feedback.

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The Supplier Says

Bidder Warning helps protect your good eBay rating.

* Within minutes of receiving a bid, a message, or an offer, Bidder Warning will send you an e-mail if the bidder has a history of leaving negative or neutral feedback for other sellers.

* Receive a yellow warning for bidders with one and up to 5% negative or neutral feedbacks.

* Receive an orange warning for bidders with 5% to 10% negative or neutral feedbacks.

* Receive a red warning for bidders with greater than 10% negative or neutral feedbacks.

* Receive a blue warning for bidders with 10 or less Feedback Score.

* Receive a black warning for bidders that hide their feedback information. Bidder Warning, 27 January 2011

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