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Advertise eBay items on relevant websites of your choice by entering a maximum price per ad click. Ads include a description and picture of the item, price and time until the auction ends, and a link to the eBay listing. Ads are created automatically for selected items.

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Trial: $20 of clicks for eBay sellers

Price per ad click set by bidding



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Drive Active Buyes to your eBay Listings with BidVertiser

BidVertiser, a site-targeted pay per click advertising network, serving thousands of advertisers, now allows millions of eBay sellers to drive active buyers to their listings by placing ads on thousands of relevant sites. This new addition to BidVertiser helps eBay sellers to promote their listings outside of eBay, exposing their products and services to a whole new audience.

BidVertiser has been investing many efforts to make the advertising process as easy as possible eBay sellers simply choose an item and the ad is created automatically, while it only runs as long as the item is active. The ad includes a short description and an image of the item, an updated pricing, time left till listing closes and a link to the item's page on eBay all updated in real-time.

eBay sellers can enjoy this new addition along with the current offerings of BidVertiser used by thousands of advertisers worldwide:

Targeting - advertisers can browse through our categorized directory of quality sites and choose only the appropriate ones for their items.

Geographical targeting - ads can be set to show only to users from desired geographic regions.

Control – setting maximum pay per click pricing, daily budget and capping allow full control at all times.

Tracking - dozens of online reports to monitor the performance of the ads.
Bpath Ltd, 29 October 2006
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