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Tool which changes the listing category of an auction at regular intervals.

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The Supplier Says

The Category Rotator

What it is:
The Category Rotator is a tool designed to expose your item to more potential customers who are browsing for items up for sale.

What it does:
The Category Rotator changes the main category of your item for sale on a predetermined time cycle (from 6 hours to 2 days). After the timeframe you chose has elapsed, your item is moved into the next category you decided to display it in.

How it works:
The Category Rotator allows you to select up to 4 additional categories to display your item in, on a rotating basis on the time increment of your choosing. When the time frame for the category change comes, the item will move from its current category into the next one you selected. It will rotate to the next category on your list of selections once the time interval passes again. Once you have run through all your category options, your item will return back to your original category. From the supplier's website
Thompson & Holt