Catsnatcher is an Amazon product research tool that analyses millions of data points to provide strategic and competitive metrics on thousands of potential private label niches.

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Why Catsnatcher?

Other Amazon tools require you to start with an area/product type and then research it - but if you don't like throwing darts at a board or if you’re as unoriginal as me it can be difficult knowing where to begin. Catsnatcher is fundamentally different from other product research tools as it doesn’t require you to ideate first. It exploits a kink in Amazon’s structure, namely its thousands of highly specific subcategories that align with product ideas. It then runs analysis on each of these subcategories so that users can find high-value, low-competition niches.

Also, while other tools try to be useful for different types of seller (Wholesaler, Private Label, Merchant) Catsnatcher is focused solely on Private Label sellers. For those not familiar, these are sellers that are creating custom new products - its where the largest margins lie on Amazon. Other tools focus on individual listing metrics, these are more useful for wholesalers and less important when you’re choosing an area to develop a new product in. Private Label sellers are not adding your name to a list of sellers and hoping to win the buy box, instead they're looking for an underserved, hungry market to sell a new offering to. You can’t find these niches by looking at a single listing. You need to analyse a niche (subcategory) as a single entity first. We also provide the individual listing metrics, but only for deeper analysis once you’ve spotted an interesting niche. Catsnatcher, 13 November 2018
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Updated 15 Nov 2018.

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