ChannelApe connects ecommerce apps so inventory updates, order processing and fulfillment can be handled automatically.

ChannelApe can automatically sync inventory data between suppliers, inventory systems, ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. XML and CSV files are also supported.

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...and I am the Co-Founder of We are an Ecommerce Data... more




Supplier or warehouse and one sales channel


Access Via API, Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites
Other Marketplaces Jet,
Shopping Carts Shopify


Trial: 14 days

StandardUnlimited Sales Channels $99.99 per month
ProfessionalUnlimited Sales Channels $499.99 per month


Multichannel Management » Inventory & Channel Management


Introduce yourself here

...and I am the Co-Founder of We are an Ecommerce Data... more
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The All-In-One Ecommerce Solution

ChannelApe connects your customers, suppliers and sales channels together so all order processing, inventory updates and fulfillment can be handled automatically. You set the rules, then ChannelApe automatically updates prices, removes discontinued products, tells customers when to expect their shipments, and much more. ChannelApe, 22 January 2017
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Updated 8 Jun 2018.

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