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chartixx enables simultaneous analysis and comparison of eBay and PayPal accounts. Supported key performance indicators (KPI) include revenue, sold items, and transactions.

Mobile versions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch available.

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Trial: 15 days free trial of premium price plan

FreeDaily turnover, daily shopping carts, summary of last week 0 euros
BusinessAs above plus: monthly comparison for 3 months, analysis by time and weekday 19 euros
PremiumAs above plus: monthly comparisons for 12 months, annual comparison, CEO report once a week 39 euros
DeluxeAs above plus: compare to the marked index, eBay WOW geographical analyses 59 euros



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The Supplier Says

chartixx knows the market.

The founder of chartixx was responsible for Business Online-Sellers at companies like ElectronicScout24, eBay and PayPal for many years. In close relationship with Business Sellers he understood how the people think, act and decide.

With chartixx Oliver Prothmann wants to give the Online-Seller a tool for daily use. With chartixx Online-Sellers should learn more about their business at eBay, Amazon and Online-Shop.

Applet-X GmbH
CEO: Oliver Prothmann
Kurf├╝rstendamm 125a
10711 Berlin

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