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Great Extension

I love CleerPlatinum. Not only is it easy & intuitive to use but it combines the best features of at least 2 or 3 of the most popular (and pricier) Chrome sourcing extensions out there. Great job Jordan Malik! more

Jordan Malik and this software exceeded all expectations

no bluff or fluff here. He teaches how to use the tools and provides them. Is this a simple turnkey and make You have to do your part but he explains those details. Highly Recommend! Very Happy Customer! SN in Tulsa, OK! more

Great Tool - Good Job!

I really like this tool. It puts the information I need at my fingertips and saves me a lot of time when researching products. Great job!! more

Excellent tool for Online Arbitrage

I use this tool for every product I am researching, It is a real time saver to have a "Goto" toolbar right on the Amazon sales page. Primarily I use it to access Keepa, Calc, and CCC as well as the new Quick View feature. more

This is a REAL time saver

Jason...THANK YOU! No more copying and pasting and waiting for pages to upload...Woohoo!! Just one click and it's all at your fingertips, including the calculator button. Seriously, the amount of time this saves me gives me a little piece of my life back. Thank you again! Cleer Platinum is awes... more

Very useful tool

Clear platinum is very helpful when comparing prices from different stores that helps much in the online arbitrage. I also use the Calc button alot to easily know the fba fees for any product i'm viewing. Also keepa and Camel buttons are very useful to know product price history and seller ran... more

Great time saver.

I love Cleer Platinum! It saves me so much time! You have Keepa, and CCC to analyze an item's sale history, you have eBay, Google, Alibaba, for pricing and arbitrage information, and the Amazon calculator to get a complete picture. This all comes with great support from Jordan Malik, videos to ... more

Once again Jordan over delivers.

I do a fair amount of online arbitrage and recently purchased the cleer platinum extention. Cleer Platinum has been a great tool for speeding up my sourcing and it paid for itself almost immediately. Then in true Jordan fashion he gives an additional tool called quick view for FREE! I have purcha... more


The most useful sourcing tool I ever used. I sell on the mercari platform and I'm making a killing over there using this tool. Use it for Amazon and eBay or it can be adapted for almost any e-commerce reselling more

Online Arbitrage assist software

Since including Jordan Malik"s Cleer Platinum into my Chome Browser I find it most helpful to make a online purchase with more confidence. Being able to compare what my product is selling for on most venue's enables me to feel more competant that my purchase won't be a waste of time and money... more

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Cleer Platinum is an online arbitrage/online sourcing software. Cleer Platinum works on any web page, major marketplace or sourcing site, allowing convenient and quick price comparison. Over 3,400 Amazon and eBay sellers rely on Cleer Platinum for product research and arbitrage decision making.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (28 reviews)

Cleer Platinum is excellent!

Cleer Platinum really is an undervalued online sourcing tool. I got on one well known website and found a very profita... more

Great Product

The Cleer Platinum app makes our buying decisions flow seamlessly and cuts down on product search time. Cleer Platinum... more

necessary tool for time saving yet informed decision making.

This is a fantastic tool for time management.No more multiple windows open to find what you need for an informed decis... more

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Re: New to OA the work for you then have a look at Cleer Platinum, Profit Sourcery or Profit... more


United States


Chrome browser


Access Via Chrome Extension
Amazon Sites


Trial: 7 days

$15 per month or $108 per year


Product Sourcing » Online Arbitrage


Re: New to OA the work for you then have a look at Cleer Platinum, Profit Sourcery or Profit... more
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Jordan Malik (2 other listings)

The Supplier Says

The fastest, smartest way to source online

Easy, convenient online arbitrage software that helps you find deals to flip while saving you time.

Get started in minutes. You’ll be a power sourcer no time.

For resellers, book sellers, even private labelers

Answer ‘can I make a profit on this item?’ with as little as 1 click.

Free 7 Day Trial.
Jordan Malik, 29 March 2019
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Updated 30 Mar 2019.

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