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comomail Android messaging application for eBay users automatically checks message boxes for multiple eBay accounts. Features melody notification for the new mail, message templates editor, and replying in bulk.

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comomail - messenger for eBay

...the comocom software suite for eBay – comomail Android application for eBay... more


Access Via Android App
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Trial: Free version available

FreeSupports one eBay account Free
Fullmultiple eBay account support and all features are available, 0.79 EURO


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comomail - messenger for eBay

...the comocom software suite for eBay – comomail Android application for eBay... more
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The Supplier Says

comomail is Android messenger for eBay

comomail is a very useful and must-have application for each eBay seller. It is so important to give answers to eBay buyers' questions as soon as possible. Quick reply will help you to build your reputation as responsible, reliable and ready to help eBay seller. Wherever you go you will always be in the swim of your buyers' problems and questions. comomail messaging application for eBay sellers automatically checks your message boxes for all eBay accounts, added to the application. comocom, 12 September 2012

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