ConnectPointz automates supply chain management and communications. It adheres to timelines; to requirements and those of trading partners; to an ERP or accounting platform like QuickBooks or SAP or NetSuite; to 3PLs, warehouses, and carriers. It adapts to EDI, XML, iDOC, EDIFACT, JSON, XLS, CSV, Tradecomps. If a format is not on this list, ACT Data can create a custom adapter.

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Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
Accounting QuickBooks
Amazon Sites
eBay Sites
Multichannel ChannelAdvisor, Fillz
Other Marketplaces Alibaba, Overstock Shopping,, Marketplace,,
Shipping Software ShippingEasy
Shopping Carts BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, ShopSite, Volusion


EnterpriseUnlimited sales channels, shippers, inventory feeds and supplier catalogs
$0.40 per PO
Free inventory feeds
Free catalog deltas
$699 per month
Professional2 sales channel
4 shippers
Unlimited inventory feeds
4 supplier catalogs uploaded
$0.50 per PO
$0.50 per inventory feed
Free catalog deltas
$325 per month
Starter1 sales channel
1 shipper
1 inventory feed per day
$0.85 per PO
$1.00 per inventory feed
$39 per month
11+ Connectors $9.00 per month/each Set up: $100.00 each
6 - 10 Connectors $19.00 per month/each Set up: $125.00 each
up to 5 Connectors $29.00 per month/each Set up: $150.00 each


Multichannel Management » Inventory & Channel Management

Product Sourcing » Dropshipping

Shipping & Fulfillment » Dropship Automation


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The Supplier Says

ConnectPointz processes. Businesses profit.

Flexibility and adaptability make ConnectPointz the most effective and reliable tool in the supply chain process. ConnectPointz adapts for hundreds of retailers, large and small, enabling orders to be consolidated into the format needed for fulfillment. Connectpointz has the capability to onboard any trading partner not already on the existing list to fit seamlessly into any supply chain, regardless of technological challenges or requirements. ACT Data Services, 18 December 2018
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Updated 18 Dec 2018.

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