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Dynamic Watch Link


Provides a "Watch This Item" link that can be placed in the listing description.

The link HTML is the same for every listing, and can the text can be modified or replaced with a custom graphic.

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Access Via Web Based / SaaS
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Dynamic Watch Link is free


eBay Selling » Listing Add-Ons

Supplier (2 other listings)

The Supplier Says offers a collection of helpful tools and services for eBayers, including unique marketplace search capabilities unavailable on the eBay site. Sellers can avail themselves of automatic listing enhancements, such as the Widget, to publicly flaunt their item's Watch Count, and both buyers and sellers find it helpful to lookup Most Watched eBay items in real-time to better help them frame their buying and selling activities on eBay.

An official eBay Compatible Application, is certified by eBay for use with the eBay platform and currently offers all of its services free of charge., 26 May 2009
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Updated 30 Mar 2018.

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