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Reports for eBay sellers. Basic service includes total sales, listings summary, and total fees. Sales Reports Plus adds items summary, fees breakdown, buyer statistics, category performance, and sales analysis by format, duration, ending day and ending time.

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Sales Reports

Sales Reports, our basic offering, provides you with high-level sales and fee information. It’s a quick and simple way to see what you’ve accomplished and identify areas for improvement.

Sales Reports Plus offers in-depth views into your business. In addition to the basic information offered in Sales Reports, the Plus product provides:
* Both listings and item-level information in your sales summary
* Unique buyer counts
* Sales metrics by category
* Sales metrics by format (Online Auction, Fixed Price, Stores Inventory)
* Sales metrics by ending day or time for all of your listings, and by format type (Online Auction, Fixed Price, Store Inventory)
* Detailed eBay fees
* A summary of your Unpaid Item requests From the supplier's website
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