Picture hosting with FTP and web access. No limits on pictures, bandwidth or number of auctions.

Compatible with eBay Blackthorne, Auction Wizard 2000 and other auction listing software.

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Trial: 10 days

£3.99 per month


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Save money on ebay by hosting your ebay auction pictures and photos at Ebaypix.

Once you register with our picture hosting service you are provided with your own private space to host your photos.

You can place as many images as you wish per auction, and the images can appear in as many auctions as you desire, all for a flat monthly fee. We do charge per picture or per auction.

You can use FTP transfer or our web interface to manage your ebay auction pictures and there are no image size limits or bandwidth restrictions.

Our service is compatible with ebay's Blackthorne Basic, ebay’s Blackthorne Pro, Auction Wizard 2000 and other auction listing software.

Try Ebaypix for free for 10 days and remember unlike other image hosting companies we don’t charge per picture or per ebay auction, just a fixed monthly fee.

Registration is quick, simple and free ebaypix.net, 23 April 2007
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Updated 27 Jul 2018.

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