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eComAttorneys - Francissen Rafelson Schick
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eComAttorneys works with clients on complex tax issues, reinstating suspended Amazon accounts and listings, and protecting intellectual property with trademarks and patents.

The team includes an attorney who is a million dollar Amazon seller, a tax litigator, and experienced patent and trademark lawyers.

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The Supplier Says

Our Attorneys have the experience and education to help with Amazon suspensions, tax issues, and IP.

We know how stressful and exciting running your Amazon and eCommerce business can be, because we have been in your shoes. Our attorneys have extensive e-commerce experience, either first hand as a multi-million dollar seller or as counsel to some of the world’s largest marketplaces.

We help entrepreneurs create, expand, and protect their companies and most prized assets by bringing an equal balance of business experience, technical skill, and creative thinking to the opportunities and challenges they face.

Our attorneys are committed to the success of our clients. We take the time to understand our clients’ business, and work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their business goals — whether managing complex tax issues, succeeding in reinstating a suspended Amazon account, or protecting their intellectual property. By investing in their success, we have helped clients make their businesses better, smarter, and more protected.

At Francissen Rafelson Schick LLP, our clients are getting a team of lawyers dedicated to helping their eCommerce business thrive. Our legal team includes an experienced patent and trademark attorney, a tax litigator who has argued tax cases at the state and federal levels, and an attorney who built a 7-figure Amazon business while attending law school.

Advisors and consultants who are not familiar with eCommerce platforms often make assumptions about what it’s like to sell online that can damage your case. Regardless of whether you work with us or not, work with an eCommerce attorney that understands your facts. Don’t be afraid to challenge your advisor by asking questions that will help you make that determination.

e-Commerce Attorneys, 30 December 2018
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Updated 2 Jan 2019.

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