ExportYourStore: The Lean and Reliable Tool for Multichannel Ecommerce

Ecommerce sellers who have mastered one platform often find themselves facing a familiar problem – what next? For many, the answer lies in expanding to other marketplaces, where there are fresh, new customers just waiting for their products. And that’s when the problems begin.

Expanding to multiple marketplaces is not an easy task. You have to learn the new platform’s policies and requirements, recreate all your listings, map the data to different categories and product attributes, and keep pricing and stock levels accurate. You have all the complications of selling on your “home” platform multiplied by however many new platforms you are trying to sell on.

Into this breach steps ExportYourStore, a multichannel integration tool that works with multiple marketplaces and shopping platforms. Rather than trying to do everything, ExportYourStore focuses on addressing one key problem: the synchronization of product information and stock levels between different sales channels.

Could this be the multichannel tool your ecommerce business needs? Let’s find out.

What does ExportYourStore do?

ExportYourStore helps businesses sell on 12 major platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and an array of shopping carts and social networks. Sellers can choose a primary marketplace as their information source, then automate the export and sync of products and updates to multiple target marketplaces.

The created listings are fully optimized for each target marketplace and kept in sync for pricing, stock levels, and more. Listings can be exported automatically or manually, and product variations are supported for all marketplaces.

What’s really interesting about this process is that it largely runs behind the scenes. A seller can manage their listings from their source platform and the system’s automation handles the rest. Change the price on your eBay store, and it changes on Amazon. It can even create new Amazon listings automatically.

The synchronization is adjustable by setting advanced rules that permit control over which items are synced, along with their appearance, descriptions, and other attributes. The rules system allows sellers to control whatever they want for particular listings or marketplaces.

Automated inventory control and syncing prevent overselling. This is when the last unit of a product is sold on one marketplace, and then a subsequent order is placed for the same product on another marketplace. The second order will have to be cancelled, upsetting the customer and damaging your performance metrics. It’s a common problem for multichannel sellers.

ExportYourStore also produces unique and manageable SKUs, as needed for each marketplace. A dashboard allows sellers to export listings, view products, manage categories, and view sales metrics and data for each channel.

EYS Dashboard

It’s even possible to connect multiple stores on one marketplace, such as two eBay selling accounts as the data source for one Amazon store.

Where did ExportYourStore come from?

CEO Avner Cohen founded ExportYourStore in 2015. A serial entrepreneur and problem-solver, Avner developed the base software after a request from an eBay seller friend, to help him move his listings to Amazon easily. The software worked perfectly, so Avner made it available more widely and soon the customers began rolling in.

In the last two years, ExportYourStore has developed the options to export from and sync to a dozen major marketplaces. It now helps over 100,000 sellers sync their listings across multiple channels.

What makes ExportYourStore different from other solutions?

In addition to the features described above, ExportYourStore has a few significant differences that set it apart from other multichannel ecommerce solutions.

Single-point solution

ExportYourStore doesn’t include an entire tool shed full of features that sellers may or may not use, or even understand. Instead, it is a lean system with a specific purpose in mind – making multichannel sync and selling easy.

While other solutions may have features for order management or logistics, ExportYourStore specializes in creating optimized multichannel listings that a seller can manage from a single point – a marketplace of their choice. This source can also be switched at any time, and multiple sources can be chosen if desired.

By using existing listings as the data source, sellers don’t have to recreate product information in a separate piece of software that then integrates with multiple channels. Instead, simply connect ExportYourStore to your primary sales channel and it will automatically create listings on each new marketplace.

Variety of marketplace integrations

ExportYourStore currently integrates with:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Google Shopping
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • eBid
  • Poshmark
  • Pinterest
  • Walmart (coming soon)

This mix of major marketplaces, shopping cart platforms, and social networks offers sellers a diverse portfolio of options for potential sales.


The forthcoming addition of Walmart will open up even more selling opportunities, and ExportYourStore plans on expanding to more marketplaces in the future.

Amazon features

One area where ExportYourStore goes the extra mile is Amazon, where they offer a complete store setup service.

Sellers come to them with a new selling account, and ExportYourStore’s team sets up their store from top to bottom. This includes creating and populating listings, registering brands, obtaining GTIN exemptions, setting rules, and syncing listings and inventory with stores on other marketplaces.

ExportYourStore can create new ASINs and product pages on Amazon, unlike many solutions which can only connect to existing ASINs. ExportYourStore is a member of the official Amazon Partner Network.

Benefits of using ExportYourStore

ExportYourStore benefits sellers with its sheer simplicity and focus on doing one thing, and doing it well. It produces high-quality listings in target marketplaces quickly and gets sellers into multiple channels fast.

This gives sellers more reach, a bigger audience, and increased sales – while saving valuable time because the automation and syncing manages all the multiple marketplace listings. It makes it easy for a seller to focus on growing sales, and not have to worry about the technical aspects of multichannel selling.

ExportYourStore is ideal for sellers and brands seeking to expand to multiple channels, or who are already on multiple channels and need a simple, fast, and more accurate listing solution. Sellers with at least 100 products will benefit the most.

The “done for you” Amazon store solution is ideal for sellers on eBay and other platforms who need help expanding onto the world’s largest marketplace.

How do sellers get started with ExportYourStore?

Getting started with ExportYourStore is straightforward. Sellers can try out the application for free with a seven-day trial covering ten listings.

Once signed up, sellers just need to:

  1. Connect their accounts to the system
  2. Select their source marketplace
  3. Select their target marketplaces
  4. Optionally set rules to tailor the export

The system then exports and syncs the listings. Setup can be as fast as a few minutes, then the rest of the process runs automatically. Exporting one thousand listings from eBay to Etsy only takes around 30 minutes to run behind the scenes.

Connect your sales channels

After the trial, there are various paid plans starting at $29.00 per month. Pricing is based on the number of orders per month, but only those exported or synced by ExportYourStore are counted, and orders on the source marketplace are not charged.

The “done for you” Amazon-only program works a little differently, at a cost of $49.00 per month plus 1% of all orders of products exported or synced by ExportYourStore.

What’s ExportYourStore’s customer support like?

Most sellers have very few issues with the export and sync of their listings, due to the AI-powered automation being accurate and reliable. If any problems are found, ExportYourStore works with the platform and the seller to get to the root of the issue and resolve it swiftly.

With the Amazon “done for you” service, ExportYourStore deals with Amazon on your behalf when there is any issue related to your product listings. As an Amazon partner, they are well-positioned to ensure successful outcomes for the seller.

Since 2015, ExportYourStore has exported and listed millions of products to Amazon, Etsy, and other marketplaces with speed and accuracy. Their philosophy is to give customers the support and help they need to list many millions more products, and grow their ecommerce businesses successfully.

Simplicity is the key

When it comes to expanding to multichannel ecommerce, sometimes making a complex situation simple is the way to go. That’s clearly the case with ExportYourStore.

They make it simple to expand to multiple channels from a seller’s primary marketplace, and create optimized listings for every platform. Powerful automation, versatile integrations, and a “done for you” Amazon store service provide the sophistication that sellers need, without overloading the system with complexity.

If you’re a seller with 100 or more products looking for an easy way to expand sales, ExportYourStore may be the lean, mean multichannel selling machine you’ve been looking for.

Start exporting your listings for free today

This article was sponsored by ExportYourStore.


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