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Feedback Reminder sends automated notifications to buyers through eBay's messaging system. The app has a "blacklist" feature allowing sellers to control which buyers are sent reminders. Sellers can choose a default reminder message, or create their own.

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Automatically send feedback reminders to your buyers!

As an eBay seller you are probably familiar with the difficulty of getting buyers to leave feedback.
It’s not that your buyers don’t care, they just forget. That’s why once you've shipped off their item your work isn’t done, you need to remind them to leave feedback.
When it comes to asking for feedback it’s all about timing.
That’s why our ”Feedback Reminder” is the perfect solution for eBay sellers.
With Feedback Reminder you no longer need to remember to ask your buyers to rate your service, but instead a reminder will be sent automatically.
Sign up & try it for free at: !
3DSellers, 29 December 2013

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