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Connects to Amazon Seller Central and liquidates excess, overstock, long-term storage fee and other unwanted inventory automatically. analyzes past sales data and provides customizable sales projections. All or any part of the inventory can be pushed to to quickly liquidate the inventory. Manual or automated liquidation rules can be created and customized as per the seller's needs.

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Fulfillment FBA


Free to sign up, 15% commission from sales proceeds


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Simply connect your Amazon store and get set to liquidate within minutes.

Nothing to loose. Just sign-up today, link your Amazon account and start turning your unwanted inventory into cash!

The one and only seller tool to automate your FBA surplus inventory without a hassle. Sell without any manual work. Automate your FBA surplus stock to be liquidated. Set your own rules . analyzes your past sales data and provides customizable sales projections for future dates. Just connect to your Amazon account and setup your liquidation parameters. No need to create listings, (i.e: any product with excess of X months of inventoy based on past X weeks of sales to be automatically listed on marketplace) Offer tiers of wholesale prices to your buyers (i.e: 30% discount for 100 pcs minimum, 40% discount for 200 pcs minimum order). You can either customize or opt-in to automatically liquidate your LTSF items without doing anything. SellerFlix, 25 January 2019
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Updated 7 Feb 2019.
Thompson & Holt