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Using them since 2013

When I started working with this company I had the feeling that I could find a cheaper order fulfillment service. But, after a coup[le of months I understood why they are not the cheapest service. That's because they are very good at fulfilling orders and they also offer a top-notch customer exper... more

5 star service

These are the reasons for which I gave Floship a 5 star rating for their services: 1. The guys behind customer support are always online (or, at least, when I needed them). They helped me get through some difficult situations since I've started working with them. 2. Their tools allowed my ecomme... more

Floship Review

What I like most about this company is that they are always oriented towards providing customer satisfaction. We have a long-term business relationship with Floship and they have never disappointed us: they always deliver our orders on time, they always provide complex tracking information so that... more

Best service

We own 1 large ecommerce website. Therefore we needed some companies which could help us in which regards the fulfillment process of our orders. We hired floship and one of their competitors in order to see which one is the best. While their competitor did a good job, I must say that floship was t... more

Order fulfillment

What was good about this product or service overall? Shipping orders is not an easy task, especially in the web businesses. After taking care of this process by myself for 3 years I decided to let floship handle this side of the business. Besides it's much easier for me to manage the other import... more

Works great

Their order fulfillment service works great for me. I don't have to accumulate any more stress by taking care of order fulfillment and I am also learning that my customers are much happier with the short time which is now needed to receive their orders. Regarding their prices...okay...they might ... more

Customer support

The entire ecommerce business is very difficult to manage but the delivery part is a nightmare for me. Therefore, I tired to find a partner which would be able to help me with order delivery. That's how I found out about floship and their business. But, because this is not an easy process it was q... more

They're good

We are currently managing more 12 ecommerce websites. We couldn't achieve this number without the help from floship. Logistics is a tough area and we're simply not able to deal with it by ourselves. But before working with this company, we have tried several other suppliers of this kind of servic... more

Superb service

What was good about this product or service overall? Overall, this is a superb service. It helps a lot my website when it comes to order fulfillment as we didn't use to excel at this point. Furthermore, their prices are very affordable, especially when compared with their competitors. Could an... more

Great support team

The reason for which I decided to write this review is because the customer support has recently helped me with the integration of their service into my complex ordering and delivery process. Basically, they did everything and I only had to answer a few questions regarding some specific things tha... more

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Floship provides international ecommerce order fulfillment from Hong Kong.

Discounted bulk rates are available for a range of international carriers and shipping services. Floship manages the end-to-end delivery process.

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Average Rating: starstarstarstarstar (32 reviews)

Helpful in Many Ways

And for the first time, I am finally satisfied with the company that we have hired. We were a small company that needs... more

Very Professional

An incredible company that has excellent people. We were undermanned that week and the orders keep on coming in that's... more

Very Helpful.

We managed to hire Floship in a middle of a crisis. They stabilized the current situation and after a few days of work... more


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The Supplier Says

Global e-Fulfillment Logistics Made Simple from Hong Kong

* Outsourced fulfillment with no lengthy contracts, no hidden fees. Pay for only what you use and consume.
* Deliver goods worldwide from Hong Kong, just like how Apple does it. We manage end to end delivery.
* A full suite of courier rates attainable only by the largest enterprises.
* Discounted bulk rates for crowdfunding fulfillment projects.
* A total-solution for outsourced international fulfillment to all major markets. From the supplier's website
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Updated 5 Oct 2018.