Fratsy is a group purchasing marketplace, helping businesses buy products in small quantities at wholesale prices.

Suppliers are verified and approved by Fratsy. Links to Amazon UK are provided for detailed product information.

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...purchasing power and profit margins. Fratsy is a website that sources only Amazon... more


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Products are individually priced, with tiered quantity discounts


Product Sourcing » Wholesale & Liquidation



...purchasing power and profit margins. Fratsy is a website that sources only Amazon... more
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Group purchasing

Through an unparalleled endeavour in its league, Fratsy has harnessed the power of co-ordinated teamwork by allowing businesses buying the same product to act as a single purchaser. The innovative method materialises on a community platform and distributes the fruits of bulk-purchasing without discrimination as to size of company or quantity of purchased products. In essence, Fratsy has revolutionised a historical method of trade and made it available to every lay man.

The effects of Fratsy are far-reaching and resonate globally. Traditionally, corporations have monopolised the privilege of increasing their profit margins through mass production and bulk-buying. Fratsy is a ground-breaking tool that has plied this practice into one that includes small businesses- allowing them to compete and grow like their larger counterparts. It’s changing the way that businesses function at a fundamental level. Fratsy, 22 May 2018
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Updated 8 Jun 2018.

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