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geekspeak helps sellers develop their Amazon strategy with services including product photography (tabletop, lifestyle, infographic, image processing, 360-degree photos), optimized basic listings, EBC/A+ design, Storefronts, PPC management, keyword research, translation/localization, product onboarding and more.

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The Supplier Says

geekspeak helps clients sell more online with better product content.

An eCommerce services agency founded in 2003, geekspeak is focused on the creation of product descriptions, buying guides, website copy, product photography, product video, 360-degree photography, enhanced marketing content (A+), online advertising and more.

From small businesses with ten products, to large multinational corporations with entire online catalogs, a dedicated team works with you to produce unique, engaging and SEO-optimized product content that sells. The team is comprised of Project Managers, Copywriters, Digital Content Specialists, Search Engine Marketing Managers, Product Information Specialists, Photographers and Videographers, all focused on helping you sell online.

As a member of the Amazon Solution Provider Network, geekspeak is a trusted supplier to Amazon sellers and vendors. Our team has created hundreds of Amazon basic listings and A+ detail pages, and has been responsible for Amazon PPC management for the global online marketplace.

Learn more at geekspeak, 29 May 2019
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Updated 30 May 2019.
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