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Description is the largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting and shooting. It receives around seven million monthly visitors and has over four million registered users. is a listing-driven marketplace, with a mix of auctions and fixed priced listings.

To sell on, sellers must register an account and be legally allowed to own firearms, ammunition, knives and gun accessories.

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Listing Fees There are no listing fees
Sales Commission 6% for items up to $250
For items over $250, they take 6% of the first $250 and 3.5% of the remaining amount
Payment Fees Third-party payment methods are used, and fees apply.


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The World’s Largest Online Auction Specializing in Firearms and Shooting Sports is the largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting and related products:

* Consistently attracts an average of 7 million unique monthly visitors.
* We have over 4 million registered users.
* 80 percent of our traffic are regular users.

A specialist in the firearms industry:

* Created to be an auction site for the unique needs of the firearms industry.
* A partner with the industry, supporting the NRA, NSSF, Hunting Heritage Trust, Shooting Sports Summit and USA Shooting. From the supplier's website
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Updated 5 Apr 2018.

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