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Free eBay sniping service that bids in the last seconds of an auction. Integrated search supports eBay.com.

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Hidbid.com - The eBay aution sniper

Why use hidbid?
For several reasons, including:
* Reliability
* Save money by not attracting attention and avoiding irrational, emotional bidding wars
* Save time and avoid having to change your schedule to place a bid
* It's free!
* Peace of mind
* Quick and easy to use
* No need to download any special software, nothing!
* It's totally independent of your operating system and service provider. If you can get to our website, you can use our service
* No need for you to leave your computer on
* Cancel or change your bids without upsetting eBay or eBay sellers
* Flexible snipe execution scheduling -- from 1 to 15 seconds(5-8 seconds recommended) before auction's end
* View your snipe history
* Immediate auction results e-mailed to you
* A forum so you can pick-up and share tips for finding deals on eBay, or discuss anything else you'd like Eomnicom, 19 September 2007