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Ignite is a management and optimization tool for Amazon Sponsored Products PPC ads.

It provides data-driven keyword suggestions, optimization recommendations, detailed historic charts and reporting, and sophisticated campaign management tools.

Data and reports are imported automatically from Amazon.

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Seller Labs to Launch Version 2.0 of Amazon Ads Tool Ignite

Seller Labs is to start rolling out a brand new version of Amazon PPC ads management tool Ign... more

Ignite Adds Bid+ and Headline Search Ad Reports

Amazon ads management tool Ignite has added new features including integrated Bid+ support an... more

Seller Labs Resonate 2018 Conference May 15-16 in Atlanta

Amazon seller tools company Seller Labs is holding their next Resonate seller conference on M... more


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Trial: 30 days

From $49 per month for up to 5 Ignite managed campaigns.


Amazon Selling » Marketing & Optimization

Seller Labs is to start rolling out a brand new version of Amazon PPC ads management tool Ignite.

Ignite 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to be more powerful, flexible, scalable, and effective. Enhancements include:

  • New user interface and dashboard
  • New stats, graphs, and action items
  • Bulk actions, uploads and updates
  • Customized campaign groups
  • Alerts and notifications
  • All-new sophisticated suggestions engine

The new dashboard and features will go live in the next few weeks.

* * * * *

A new edition of Ignite for agencies, consultants and PPC managers has been launched, called Ignite Plus. It's a scalable Amazon advertising platform created for users who manage multiple brands, accounts and users.

Seller Labs has also introduced Ignite Managed Services, offering Amazon PPC ads management to sellers as an outsourced service.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon ads management tool Ignite has added new features including integrated Bid+ support and reporting on Headline Search Ads performance.

Amazon's new Bid+ feature, which allows Amazon to increase PPC bids on the seller's behalf, is now available within Ignite. Bid+ can be a valuable tool if sellers are willing to let Amazon up bids based on Ad Placement reports and Amazon's own internal ad metrics.

Headline Search Ads are available to brand owners using Amazon's Brand Registry. Sellers using HSAs can now use Ignite's sophisticated reporting and graphs instead of Seller Central's limited features, and easily compare performance with Sponsored Product Ads.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon seller tools company Seller Labs is holding their next Resonate seller conference on May 15-16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Joana McKenna, former Amazon.com Senior Executive of Strategic Development
  • Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent (search, social media, content, and analytics)
  • Henry Liu. advertising/digital marketing expert and veteran of Facebook and Instagram
  • James Thomson, Co-Founder of the PROSPER Show and former head of AmazonServices.com
  • Peter Kearns, expert on Amazon policy and brand strategy and ex-Amazon Marketplace leader (FBA for consumables)
  • Cherie Yvette, PPC advertising expert (Google AdWords and Amazon Advertising)
  • Dr. Ben Frederick, 7-figure Amazon seller and China sourcing expert

Resonate will be at Terminus 330, near Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. Discounted early-bird tickets are currently available.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon PPC ads management tool Ignite has released a new feature which gives sellers the ability to control when ads run and for how long.

Ad Scheduling is a Seller Labs exclusive feature not found in Amazon's Seller Central or any other third-party Sponsored Products Ads software. The feature is currently in beta and gives sellers control over the timing of their Sponsored Products ad campaigns.

Ad Scheduling can set ads to run for specific hours and days with no manual pausing or resuming. The feature can be used to automatically turn off ads during periods when conversion rates are low, to test ads at different times of the day, or to run ads only in the evening when competitors have exhausted their budgets, for example.

Source: Seller Labs

Amazon Sponsored Products ads management and optimization tool, Ignite, has been profiled on the Web Retailer Blog.

The article looks at three key challenges for sellers using Amazon Sponsored Products and explains how sellers handle those challenges right now, and how Ignite helps turn them to your advantage.

Ignite can help sellers keyword selection, campaign optimization and reporting.

Read Spotlight on Ignite: Taking Amazon Sponsored Products to the Next Level

Source: Web Retailer Blog

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The Supplier Says

Why You Need to Ignite Your Amazon Sales


Ignite integrates with both the Amazon MWS and Sponsored Products APIs. This gives it the full power for you to make data-driven decisions in one place.


View history for all of your keywords. Right down to actual customer search terms with detailed statistics at every level.


Easily move keywords between campaigns or groups, adjust bids, and optimize for the best costs.


Ignite's Suggestion Algorithm surfaces important decisions so you don't need to wade through details finding them.

Optimize your budget by having campaigns effective at the best times of day to spend your money smarter. Turn campaigns off during off time to boost budget and bid in peak hours.

Using Ignite's easy to read dashboards, make sense of your headline search ads, ad spend, and positioning. (Note: This feature is only available to those who have completed Brand Registry and are able to use HSA in their Amazon account.) Seller Labs, 21 February 2018
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Updated 23 Aug 2018.

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