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Beware the current culture

I was a happy Inkfrog customer for many years. Recently they started a new version IF2. It stinks. Much harder to work with. I am not talking about resistance to change, I am talking about bad programing. The tech help has also deteriorated recently. Today I went to log onto their forums. I go... more

so far the the best that i ever had experience ,after tryng multiple solutions

I have tried several third party software like vendio platform or Auctiva,selling manager pro, I can only say that inkfrog is the best, and also very clear on the computer screen(to see),also not to mention that is very user friendly,also i liked because it update everything from my ebay status ... more

Brilliant Image Hosting!!

I use BTpro for listing management, which works really well with Inkfrog, it is so easy to use and quick for hosting images well worth the money, although i re-size all images in Corel, Inkfrog can also do this and more, if you want a cost-effective image host, seriously, go for this one. thank... more

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This software is a must have for serious sellers.

I have used free auction management software in the past, but they do not have half the features that inkfrog does. This software will cut your work load in half and make selling on eBay fun and easy again. The customer service is fast and friendly. Don't waste your time and money with another s... more

So far so good!

I originally wanted a desktop listing management application, this web based app far exceeds my expectations and it is fast. Cost is low, it is state of the art and fast and easy to navigate. I have pretty basic needs, I tried 4 other services and i think this is the one. Lots of sweet features... more

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Don't use inkfrog

I have been using the service for awhile and was ok with it. Recently I had a problem with the software not working as it was supposed to. I opened a support ticket. They emailed me back not answering my question. I tried again. THIS IS THE ACTUAL RESPONSE I RECEIVED: hello.. hmm.. so ch... more

Simply Wonderful!

After Mpire made the announcement of closing their doors, I started looking for another auction management tool and came across this little gem. Although inkFrog isn’t a total auction management solution, they do have a great listing tool and no one (I really mean no one) can compare to their imag... more

5 STARS... wish I could leave more!!! I am so happy...

I finally found an excellent auction listing service in web based inkfrog! I have tried several desk top and web based services for my small ebay selling business over the years and have not been very impressed with any of them. Most recently I used web based auctionhawk which I liked but it turn... more

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inkFrog lists to eBay, and includes an eBay template designer, order management, message management and more.

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Average Rating: starstarstarhalf stardim star (138 reviews)

Great software! Easy to use.

I have been a very happy and satisfied user of inkFrog from the old Classic to the current Open version of the softwar... more

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Rip off pricing

Absolutely ripped off by this company. How can you charge 250 usd PER MONTH, its absurd. If you're going to change pr... more

Inkfrog is the best app I’ve used for listing items on eBay.

I have been using Inkfrog for years now, and it is my favorite app/website for listing items for sale on eBay. Using i... more

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Access Via SaaS (Cloud Web App)
eBay Sites eBay Motors,,,,
Shopping Carts BigCommerce, Shopify


Trial: Manage up to 10 eBay listings

Free plan allows 15 listings per year. Plans with unlimited listings available from $14.95 per month.


eBay Selling » Listing Management


Transitioning from Inkfrog to Seller Sourcebook

...for close to 20 years, and have used Inkfrog for most of that time. For various... more

eBay software solution for consignment apparel business

...templates 6. Inexpensive I know ink frog does have "staff" or employee limited... more

Re: Class Action Lawsuit

FYI Inkfrog has know for months that anything you list with their Open format runs... more

Re: looking for a system support on listing on bulk on eba

...of the following platforms: Auctiva InkFrog TurboLister You can visit the... more

Re: inkFrog

@cobraboy I recommend you ask inkFrog since you are signing up for their... more


brand new to inkfrog, and before I sign up, does inkfrog have a way to import Turbo... more

Re: Class Action Lawsuit

@macrez1 Thanks for the heads up on inkfrog, but I know the terms and services... more

Re: Class Action Lawsuit

...which has lenient laws such as this. Inkfrog is just not very big and most sellers... more

Class Action Lawsuit

...think that possibly the only way to get Inkfrog to respond to our complaints is to... more

Re: Do you use any ecommerce software or services?

I use inkfrog for eBay. Would love to find something to list on ebay, etsy and... more

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inkFrog (no other listings)

The Supplier Says


Auction Management

List or schedule auctions to eBay with images and a perfect ad in seconds. We also have many advanced management tools including bulk listing, auto emails, auto relistings, and more

Image Hosting

Upload and manage images with ease. We have created the best image management software and integrated it seamlessly with our auction lister

More, More, & More

Image editing, auction counters, gallery showcase including a flash previewer! So much stuff its incredible! From the supplier's website
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Updated 17 May 2019.

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