Intuendi is a demand forecasting system using machine learning to optimize inventory and improve supply chain operations.

Intuendi generates thousands of forecasts in one click and the replenishment feature provides reordering projections.

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...than yours. Just look at erplain or intuendi. While their services may not be... more




Platforms Web Based / SaaS


Trial: Available

SmallUp to $500K of revenues
Up to 1000 SKUs
MediumUp to $2M of revenues
Unlimited SKUs
LargeUp to $5M of revenues
Unlimited SKUs


Multichannel Management » Restocking


Re: Looking for a seo expert for my website

...than yours. Just look at erplain or intuendi. While their services may not be... more
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The Supplier Says

Are you ready to boost your business? is the result of years of consultancy activities as Business Analysts and Demand Planners for many companies all around the World.
We learned that every decision in Operations and Supply Chain Management starts with an estimate of the future demand. Everything else comes later: replenishment, ordering, marketing strategies and many other activities are a consequence of forecasts.
This is the reason we focused on helping our customers to better execute one of the most critical tasks, demand forecasting. is a straightforward tool for automated forecasting and inventory replenishment: no need to know about statistics, just a few simple clicks to get accurate forecasts and know the upcoming reorder points for your entire inventory. In seconds, easier than ever, you'll save time and money by preventing stockouts and excess inventory and you'll finally unleash all your company's potential by cutting down unnecessary costs coming from time-consuming and error-prone forecasting.
Try for free, you'll love it! INTUENDI, 4 September 2017
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Updated 4 Sep 2017.

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