Description is a retailer and catalog-driven marketplace which aims to provide customers with big discounts. As they add more products to their cart, or take actions like waiving their right to free returns, their discount increases.

Sellers wishing to sell on have to apply via their website. If accepted, sellers need to integrate with's API. This means they will either need to use a third-party inventory management system, or create their own.

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Selling on

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Listing Fees There are no listing fees.
Sales Commission Sales commission is usually charged at 15% but there are a few categories where it is lower.
Payment Fees There is no additional payment processing fee.


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Selling on

...pushing listings to Jet to sell on while having other systems handle... more

Connect Multi-channel Inventory System to Selling Channels

...such as Amazon, eBay, WalMart, Sears,, Wayfair which you are selling or... more

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Jet is an online shopping platform dedicated to optimizing the underlying economics of e-commerce for both customers and sellers. Learn what partnering with us can do for your business. From the supplier's website
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Updated 12 Apr 2018.

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