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Jump Send helps Amazon sellers to increase sales velocity with promotions to a large network of shoppers, and improve customer support with automated emails.

Jump Send fully supports the US and UK Amazon marketplaces with both promotions and email campaigns.

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United Kingdom, United States


Platforms Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com


Trial: 90 days for UK sellers

From $29 per month for up to 3 products to $199 per month for up to 100 products.


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Jungle Scout (3 other listings)

The Supplier Says

Jump Send is a total review acquisition and management solution

Now with full UK and US support for all features.

Jump Send promotions:

- Increase sales and therefore rank
- Inventory protection for peace of mind
- Ideal for product launches, holiday promotions and stock-outs

Jump Send emails:

- Automated with smart triggers for the best customer service
- Increase chances of getting reviews
- Manage returns effectively Jungle Scout, 20 November 2017
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Updated 22 Nov 2017.

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