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LandingCube creates customizable landing pages for Amazon listings.

The landing pages provide promo codes in exchange for the buyer's email address, to convert external traffic into Amazon sales.

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Access Via Web Based / SaaS
Amazon Sites All
Email Marketing MailChimp
Social Media Facebook, Instagram


Trial: 14 days

Beginner (Annual)2 active landing pages, paid annually
$180/year ($15/mo)
Beginner (Monthly)2 active landing pages, paid monthly
Business (Annual)Unlimited landing pages, paid annually $300/yr ($25/mo)
Business (Monthly)Unlimited landing pages, paid monthly $39/mo


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The Supplier Says

Amazon Landing Pages to Convert External Traffic into Customers

LandingCube turns your Amazon listings into beautiful landing pages in under 3 minutes, to build Amazon sales funnels. The landing page serves as an intermediary step between a Facebook Ad (or other source of external traffic) and an Amazon listing. On the page, you offer a single-use promo code (which LandingCube automates) in exchange for an email. So you get a boost in conversion rates and build email lists. LandingCube integrates with Google Analytics & the Facebook Pixel for conversion tracking and retargeting. And it also integrates with email marketing tools. Landing Cube, 5 January 2018
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Updated 28 Jun 2018.

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